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About Us

AAA Gate Repair Santa Clarita performs automatic gate opener repair on a regular basis. We also specialize in repairing older gates and installing new ones. Our professional, honest team is well known in the gate maintenance industry. We serve homes and business all around the greater Santa Clarita region. We hope to gain you as a long time client.

Our AAA Gate Repair Santa Clarita CA team can make automate any gate. We can help with swing gates or sliding gates. Also, we can change your driveway gates or electric gates..

Reasons For An Automatic Gate

Recently there has been a greater need for more home and office security. People want to protect their property and the people who are important to them. Before, a gate was enough, but that’s not the case anymore. Automatic gates are better meeting this need now.

With an automatic gate opener, it is unnecessary to hire more security staff. The automatic gate opener provides a high level of convenience. Our specialists can help you find the automatic gate opener that is right for your gate. We’ll handle electric gates and security gates.

There are online guides to help you automate your gate, but it’s not easy. As experts we can help you with gate automation. Our experience has taught us about the important small details of this process. Photo eyes are needed to protect you and your car. Signage that indicates that your gate is automatic is a must. You will also need an entry system.

Correct gate opener installation is crucial. If it is done right the first time, this will prevent future problems and breakage. We take your gate size and normal usage into account when we pick an automatic gate opener for you. However, we cannot prevent all future problems.

We Offer a Range of About Us Repair Services

The team at AAA Gate Repair Santa Clarita can fix and repair broken gate opener parts. Our stock of gate parts is always on hand so there’s no delay in the repair work. We buy parts only from the best brands in gate opener equipment. Our favorites include All-O-Matic, Multi-Code, DoorKing, Elite and FAAC. We also like to use GTO Pro, Linear, Viking, Ramset, and Eagle brand products.

The costs of automatic gate opener repair can climb quickly. However, our team keeps its prices as affordable as possible. We think this is one of our most essential services. We know that our clients cannot afford to have such a security problem for their homes. And the loss of convenience can cause a loss of business, and we want to prevent that.

Put us on speed dial for your automatic gate opener needs. So, call us today!.


Examples Of About Us Problems

There’s nothing more impressive than an automatic gate. But the moving parts are always at risk for damage that happens over time. There are certain things you can do on your own if you are having problems with your automatic gate.

What if the gate doesn’t move? If you are on your own, you should check the power breaker and any switches. It could be something as simple as the power going off. There might be a tripped ground fault interrupter. So be sure to check all of the outlets.

If the gate does not stop at the right time, it needs an adjustment. You should examine the limit switch nut or the cam. If either of those does not touch the limit switch at the right time, your gate will not stop in the right position. Different gates need different solutions, however.

Other people experience problems with needing to be too close to the gate for it to open. Sometimes the gate won’t close at all. There’s only so much you can do by yourself. Electrical gate problems are usually too difficult for a non professional. Better to call an expert in automatic gate opener repair like us.

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